Apathetic is evil but not

Whats wrong with me it’s called apathy, as i wake and breathe its seem to be that nothing at all interests me, except dark and morbid thoughts coursing through my brain a hint of serenity i do r├ęclame, not the man i once was what have these drugs done to me, all i feel is apathy, happily no more immature, spending my summers in psych wards, running loony through the front doors, poisons oozing through my pores, a teenager i am no more, serious i have become throwing my childhood traits into the burning sun, seroquel trazodone lithium, I have become accustom to popping them, for looney toon Nik was a drug addict dick who hope for death at every single breathe, and sober Nik is apathetic thinking dark thoughts but at the cost of serenity i believe I’m much better in recovery.


Saw 3 (2006)

Ribcage on We Heart It

Mateus William